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re: Wind Lord Mel'jarak

Riddle of Steel vs Wind Lord Mel'Jarak

Raid Composition: 1 tank, 3 healers, 6 dps

Why: There's really nothing for a second tank to do in phase 2. We get about the same dps from 1/3/6 as we do 2/2/6 and the extra healer gives us more cds to deal with the very nasty rain of blades in phase 2 when Mel'jarak has his big damage buff.

Strategy: Phase 1

CC: 1 mender, 2 ambershaper, 1 blademaster

Melee dps will each focus one mender, making sure to interrupt the Mending. Other dps should be aoeing to get as much total damage on the mobs as possible, it's not a huge disaster if it takes us a bit longer to dps the menders down, as long as we make up that time by getting a head start on the Ambershapers and Blademasters. We have one priest right now, so there is going to be a small window when the adds are going to have their Quickening buff, healers and the tank need to be aware of this and react accordingly.

Once the menders are down, the cc will break, and we'll re-cc one ambershaper and one blademaster. IF YOU'RE NOT ASKED TO CC AFTER MENDERS ARE DOWN, DON'T. Do your job, and trust that the rest of their raid will do theirs. When you start trying to do your job and someone else's things go off the rails.

Everyone should have a way of monitoring debuffs for this fight, both the Amber Prison debuff as well as the Residue debuff that prevents people from breaking others out of Amber Prisons.

Corrosive Resin should be dropped in as tight a block as possible. Better a cluster of 5 pools than a long line of 5 pools.

Strategy: Phase 2

The boss will be moved to the center of the room, ranged dps and healers should spread out around the boss to minimize the number of people that have to move to avoid any given wind bomb or Whirling Blade.

We will tentatively Bloodlust/Heroism at 35% to allow people to take advantage of execute range.

It is imperative that you use any personal survival cds you have to mitigate the Rain of Blades damage, as well as avoiding Whirling Blade. Whirling Blade will kill you if you're low after a Rain of Blades, or it will put you in the danger zone of dying if you get hit before a Rain of Blades.

Healer cds will be rotated to survive the Rain of Blades and we'll kill him.

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