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Iliara WGC

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re: Amber Shaper Un'sok

Riddle of Steel vs Amber Shaper Un'sok

Raid Composition: 2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps

Why: We need two tanks due to one of them getting stuck in the construct, and I believe we want three healers due to the chance of a healer getting stuck in a construct in phase 2 and 3. It would theoretically be doable to two heal, but we'd have to have a "Drop everything and break that healer outta the construct" contingency plan for wen it happens. I think our dps our capable enough to handle things, so 3 healing shouldn't be an issue. I hope.

Phase 1: Amber Shaper Unsok

DPS Priority:

Melee: Constructs if they're over 30%, Ambershaper otherwise.
Ranged: Constructs if they're over 20%, little adds otherwise, Ambershaper if none of the above is necessary.

Other Stuff:

Whichever tank is in the construct can happily mash their "1" button, making sure they have sufficient willpower to interrupt their own amber explosions. They should leave the construct ~5 seconds before the next Reshape life goes out, and making sure to refresh the debuff on Un'sok before they leave.

Sellys will deal with the Parasitic Growth debuff. Be very careful of any aoe heals and self heals. Use warlock cookies AFTER the debuff is off you, not during.

If you're the target of Amber Scalpel kite the beam away from people. The four adds that spawn from the amber scalpel should ideally be killed in the center depression so that the pools they spawn are available for construct people in phase 3. Tanks should not need to eat pools in this phase, if they do we're failing at breaking them out soon enough.

Phase 2: Amber Monstrosity

DPS Priority is the same, except that you dps the Amber Monstrosity instead of Un'sok.

Anyone can have Reshape Life cast on them, so be ready for your turn to shine. Make sure you check your timers when you get into the construct and figure out what you need to interrupt and how soon. You need to make sure your "1" button is off cd for any time that the Amber Monstrosity casts Amber Explosion.

Parasitic Growth and Amber Scalpel should be handled the same way as Phase 1.

Phase 3: Burn him to the ground.

The group should spread out around the central depression to avoid having the constructs hit by Volatile Amber.

I don't think we should kill any constructs in this phase, we can just nuke away. I hope.

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re: Amber Shaper Un'sok

Tonight, Timewarp in phase 2? Depending on who's mutated it might not be available in phase 3.

What do you think?

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