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re: Grand Empress Shek'zeer

Riddle of Steel vs Grand Empress Shek'zeer

Raid Composition: 2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps

Why: This depends a bit on our dps. The 2 tanks are necessary, and as long as we can push phase 3 before the 2nd phase 2, I'd like the third healer to deal with the nasty damage out put in phase 3. If it turns out that 2 healing is necessary to push phase 3 before the 2nd phase 2 then we'll try that instead.

Phase 1: Shek'zeer


Eyes of the Empress: A stacking debuff applied to the current tank. If it gets to 5, they're mind controlled and we'll have to kill them and battle rez them. I don't ever see this happening. It's a simple tank swap mechanic at 3 or 4 stacks and then taunt back whenever your stacks fall off. Tanks will need to watch their threat after a swap so they don't pull agro right back, especially if we taunt at 4 stacks.

Dread Screech: Randomly deals damage to 2 ranged/healers and anyone standing within 5 yards of them. Spread out 5 yards apart and heal the people. Not a big deal.

Cry of Terror and Dissonance Fields: This is the whole key of the phase. Twice during the phase (30 seconds after the start of the phase, and 60 seconds after that) Shek'zeer will summon two dissonance fields. They have 60 health, can't be dpsed, and will lose health over time (1 health per second I believe). When they hit 0 health they explode and deal a fairly significant chunk of damage to the entire raid. If they both explode at the same time, and absent any actions by us they will, we're dead.

This is where Cry of Terror comes in. CoT is a debuff Shek'zeer will place on a random raid member that deals raid wide damage. However, if you go stand in a dissonance field, the field will absorb the damage from CoT and it will begin to lose health faster than the field that doesn't have anyone standing in it. In addition, any spells you cast will also cause the field you're standing in to lose health faster. The tricky part is that you'll also take damage standing in the field, and you can't be healed while in it. So you need to stand in it for a bit, move out, get healed, go back in, until the cry of terror buff drops off you. You also do not want to still be standing in a field when it ticks down to 0, so gtfo at 3-5 seconds.

If you're the first person to get Cry of Terror after a new set of fields spawns you can go stand in whichever one you want, it doesn't matter. If you're the second or third person to get the Cry of Terror debuff then you need to go stand in WHICHEVER FIELD HAS LESS HEALTH so that it explodes soon enough before the second one that we have time to heal everyone up before the second field detonates.

Phase 2: Adds

We'll end up with two groups of adds, each consisting of 1 Reaver and 3 Windblades. When adds are within 8 yards of each other, they get a buff increasing damage by 30% for every add. This means it's not really feasible to lump them all together and aoe them, as the damage on the tanks would get out of hand pretty fast.

So what we'll do is split the two groups and we'll blow up one set of Windblades. Once half the Windblades are dead, it shouldn't be a major issue to clump up the remaining Reaver with the other Reaver and its set of 3 Windblades.

Wind Blade Abilities:

Fixate: They're pick someone and follow them around. When they're fixated on someone they move slow as molasses and if you can't kite them you need to move faster.

Dispatch: A channeled spell that hurts. Interrupt it.

Sticky Resin: Puts a small void zone on the ground. When you walk over the resin on the ground it'll stick to you and do a moderate amount of damage to you. When you then run over a second zone you'll lose the damaging debuff and the two zones will merge. Once we've merged 5 resins they'll form an amber trap, which will stun and deal a large amount of damage to an add.

For this reason we can't kill all the Windblades until we've gotten the 10 sticky resins we need to form two amber traps, one for each reaver. Once we have the requisite number of resins out the Windblades should be finished off before we trap the reavers, b/c the windlbades will break the reavers out of the trap if any windblade is still alive. Once the windblades are dead and the reavers trapped we clean up the trapped reavers and we're back to phase 1.

The important thing when creating the the amber traps is to not build up a bunch of half assed traps. We'll have one person (probably Cowslayer since I believe he's the most mobile dps) construct these, but others can help as well. But once Cowslayer has brought two sticky resins together to begin forming a trap, it's important that other single resins are brought to that area. We need to make sure we end up merging 5 sticky resins together twice, and not merging 2 sticky resins together 5 times.

Reaver Abilities:

Toxic Slime: A frontal aoe cone, so both reavers will need to be faced away from the raid so we don't get horribly slaughtered.

Poison Drenched Armor: It puts a dot on a random raid member, dealing 20k damage a tick to them. It also causes them to infuse nearby allies with poison, making us deal more damage, allowing us to kill the adds quicker (and presumably do more damage to Shek'zeer if it's still up when Phase 1 restarts).

We have 2.5 minutes to 1) Kill all the Windblades, and 2) Get the reavers trapped. Once the windblades are dead the reavers have no way out, so if they're still alive after 2.5 minutes and phase 1 starts again, it's no big deal. They'll die eventually (ie long before the next phase 1 ends).

Phase 3: Shek'zeer says FU to the healers

This phase starts at 30% and lasts till Empress or our raid is dead.

The important abilities:

Shek'zeer continues to cast Eyes of the Empress from phase 1, so we still need a tank swap.

Calamity: Deals damage to everyone in the raid equal to 50% of their current health. At least it doesn't heal her like Anub'Arak did.

Consuming Terror: Frontal cone that damages and fears. GTFO the area of effect.

Visions of Demise: Puts a 4 second buff on you, at the end of 4 seconds you and anyone within 8 yards take damage and are feared.

Sha Energy and Amassing Darkness also deal damage, but there's nothing we can do about them. Amassing Darkness gets worse as the phase progresses so if you love your healers you'll dps harder.

The best way to handle this phase I believe is to have everyone but the tanks stack up behind the boss. This means that there is going to be a tremendous amount of personal responsibility on everyone in the raid to get 8 yards away from the group before their four seconds are up when they're targetted by Visions of Demise. If the entire raid gets feared we'll in trouble, but I'm sure you can all run away really fast if you have to.

This is a straight up burn phase that will test our ability to heal and do enough damage so that the boss dies before our healers are oom.

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